• Just posted a video https://t.co/DniGhcRRD3
  • #DisneySide http://t.co/HzCNU4NZXn
  • #DisneySide http://t.co/zmSQARvk6O
  • #DisneySide http://t.co/iFSvWmSYbf
  • Over training is awesome https://t.co/H4pNKFNkgT
  • Packed for LA. Clothes on my back and a change of sox and drawers. Gonna crash at @themike_diamond… https://t.co/cXoDaBNdvY
  • Play doh In the corner https://t.co/bkt5mUnifC
  • I've been working out... Kinks in my color https://t.co/4fTNvJ2t5g
  • Crane action https://t.co/xICwEC90VQ
  • Getting my stedicam practice on. And some shots from Omie and the ronin https://t.co/C8h6JEm3II